The Information Hub is a public project working with developing information and guidance about relocation and settlement journeys to international newcomers in Mo I Rana. The project consists of collecting and systematizing tailored information, where we are creating new solutions with providing guidance to international newcomers. The project period is finished September, 2024, which mark the beginning of this new service in Rana library.


About the project


There are several working tasks which is in process in this project. The Information Hub works with developing several mini projects, where the core tasks are the new moving portal “Flytte til Rana” owned by Rana municipality, and Besity app. We also work closely with our partners which are and Mo I Rana International, and HR-Network in Mo I Rana.


International newcomers


International newcomers are defined as international workers, partners and children who are planning and preparing to move, or those who have already arrived here in Mo I Rana.


Free of charge and accessible


The Information Hub works with public and official information of those who are the owners of these information sources, where we can help newcomers navigating these systems. It is a free of charge service which is accessible for everyone with precautions when we need it. The Information Hub is located in the square (Innbyggertorget) in Rana library.



Video description: Project leader is presenting Information Hub in Norwegian with English subtitles. In the video, project leader present the different information tools for users: The moving portal «Flytte til Rana»,, Besity app, and MINT. This is all free of charge and accessible for everyone. Welcome to the Information Hub!


Drop – In and booking appointments


From the beginning of August 2023, you can schedule an official appointment with Information Hub, if you need individual guidance for special cases.  You can also use our drop – in session for general inquiries, starting from every Wednesday from 9 to 11 in 1st floor in the square (Innbyggertorget) in Rana library.


Contact information

Telephone number: +47 75 19 49 49


Citizen Square Rana library


Social media

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